Christmas Prepping

I have gotten all of my Christmas shopping done.


Whew. Christmas always sort of sneaks up on me. Like, I’m merrily going about my business through my birthday and Thanksgiving… I turn the calendar (so to speak, of course, who has an actual wall calendar anymore other than my grandparents and in-laws??) to December and then I’m like …. oh yeah that. EVERY YEAR. You’d think I’d learn to start looking/scoping out gifts before Thanksgiving. Or perhaps diligently gather intel over Thanksgiving on what everyone wants. But no, every year I just skip through November and have a mini meltdown come December over what to get everybody.

But! I’m done for the year! And only half of the presents are gift cards, so yay me!! (While I personally love getting gift cards cause it means I can shop when I want (rather than being forced to buy seasonal items), I don’t necessarily like to give gift cards because I always feel slightly lazy about it. Like, here, I couldn’t think of anything else so here’s a gift card. Another neurosis unfortunately.) Most of the wrapping is already done as well, since I love wrapping (and Jas always helps out!).

In other holiday news, I got our Christmas cards all written up and addressed this weekend. I’m waiting for Luffy to buy me some stamps and then they’ll be in the mail! We’ll send out an even twenty this year to friends and family. I’m a little disappointed with some of my extended family, tbh. When I was growing up, my parents would get dozens of cards. We’d line them all up on the piano and admire the glitter or metallic embellishments and read the short updates or long family letters. I so enjoyed getting holiday cards and, when I first moved out, eagerly looked forward to getting a couple in the mail. But no cards arrived. I figured they still counted me as part of my parents’ household. The Christmas after Luffy and I got married, I thought we’d at least get a few extra. We were married! We bought a house! Send us your holiday cheer! But few cards arrived. I’m still hoping though.

One last bit of holiday prepping that is loved and cherished by all – I scrubbed the toilets yesterday. Now they’re spic and span for my parents’ pleasure. If they’re into that thing, you know. I don’t ask any questions.