An Update on my Update

Back in September, I gave my thoughts aired my grievances with tracking my basal body temperature. I was just coming through my five month dry spell, so forgive me for being quick to judge BBT tracking. In the interest of a fair and partial review (since I know that’s what you come here for), I have decided to update my original update.

I have finally realized the usefulness of BBT tracking – FINALLY!! Which, if you’re a savvy BBT charter, you probably realized my mistake right off the bat. I was focused on charting and analyzing every day, rather than at the crucial window. Over the summer, I blamed the method when I couldn’t see the shift. I basically stuck my fingers in my ears and hummed a loud LA LA LA I CAN’T HEAR YOU rather than admitting that perhaps it wasn’t the method that was flawed, but my non-performing ovaries.

With my first round of Clomid, I have realized the beauty of taking your BBT. Yesterday morning, my BBT rose above 98, meaning somewhere in my body, a little corpus luteum is releasing progesterone to stave off a period in the hopes that a little egg was fertilized. In other words, it means I did indeed ovulate. Score one for BBT!

Tracking my BBT over the next couple of weeks will remain useful. I know that if I see it drop back below 98, I’m probably not pregnant and should watch out for an impending period. The longer it stays above 98 (through the end of the two week wait), the higher the probability that we conceived. Another point for BBT!

So, it has it’s uses and I’m glad that I discovered it back in June. It wasn’t the miracle worker that I had hoped (as I mentioned back in my original “review”), but I shouldn’t have looked at it that way to begin with. BBT tracking is just a tool to gain insight. Nothing more. Over the summer, my body wasn’t ovulating. BBT didn’t reveal anything because there was nothing to reveal. (I feel like I need to insert a gif of a woman with a light bulb that lights up over her head and then smashes against her head…. you know, to show how ridiculous my eureka! moment is since no shit Sherlock… anyone got one of those??)

Anyway, read between the lines and I’m essentially answering the question from the end of my last post…

Yes I have indeed ovulated. Yes I’m officially in my two week wait. Yes it’s the first time we even have the slightest chance of conceiving in over eight months.