Cautiously Hopeful

As of the end of Friday afternoon, I was all set to write a different post today. In fact, I had already started typing it up – all about how Clomid wasn’t working and I was so upset that I was, of course – OF COURSE, part of the 20% that don’t ovulate while on it. My symptoms (bloated abdomen, tender ovaries) had completely subsided. For days. My cervical fluid was returning to a non-fertile consistency. And I was still getting completely negative ovulation test results each morning (there wasn’t even a test line to compare to the control, that’s how negative they were). I spent Friday afternoon researching next steps after failed Clomid. I technically had three days left in my ten day window, but I was already past the “average” ovulation date and, with my vanishing symptoms, I had pretty much given up on this cycle.

Then, Saturday morning, I took another ovulation test literally out of habit. (I had briefly contemplated not testing anymore and saving the expensive tests I had purchased explicitly for use with Clomid.) I barely glanced at it when it came time to read the results and was floored to find a smiling face on the testing window.

It was positive.

I was ecstatic.

Of course, a positive result doesn’t necessarily mean that I actually ovulated. I’m still waiting on my BBT (basal body temperature) to corroborate that. And even if I did ovulate, the chances of conceiving are still low (about 30%, only slightly higher than normal).

But still, for the first time since March, we actually have a shot at conception this month. I’m officially in my two week wait. Keep your fingers crossed for us!