Getting into the Christmas spirit

So now that Thanksgiving’s gone and done and thoroughly eaten, have you put up Christmas/Hannakuh/Christmahanakwanzadan decorations yet?

I put up our Christmas tree this past weekend, on Saturday afternoon in fact. I enjoy putting up the tree – getting the lights spaced out just right and putting up the ornaments. Since our decoration collection is still in it’s infancy (this is just my fourth Christmas to put up decorations), everything still has that freshly-purchased touch. For instance, basically all of our ornaments are from a set of unbreakable balls that I bought. Two different sizes of red, green, and gold orbs in metallic and glitter finishes. While I love that the tree looks magazine-worthy-coordinated, I also miss the tree of my youth – with the haphazard and mismatched collection of Star Trek ships and Barbie figurines and My-First-Christmas photo holders.

I’m in luck though! My dad got his childhood aluminum tree from his parents (no, I have no idea what this looks like either and always picture a tree with bare limbs and aluminum cans hanging off it… which is probably not what it is. Just a hunch.) and doesn’t want to go through the hassle of putting up my childhood tree again. So he’s giving it away. He asked me over Thanksgiving to take it and I hesitated, thinking I’d buy my own. But then we got back to Dallas and I put up ours and I remembered theirs and, suddenly, I wanted it. I called him Sunday afternoon and told him I’d take it.

I’m excited because (a) our current tree was originally purchased to go in our apartment. Thus, I chose a “slim” tree. Perfect for tight spaces, but looks very small in our house.  I’m looking forward to my parents’ fuller tree. And (b) I’m hoping they’ll give me the collection of lights and ornaments along with the tree. I’ll probably go through and toss some (with their blessing) as there are numerous that hold no significant emotional connections. But I am really looking forward to mixing up the decorations.

I haven’t decided if I’ll donate our current tree or perhaps put it up in the dining room. (As a side note, having multiple trees appears to be a fad right now. From my childhood, I didn’t know anyone with multiple trees except for fancy people, but now it seems like many people do. ????) I do like the coordination of the tree, dressed in just golds, reds, and greens. Plus, the unbreakable ornaments are a God Send with Jas. (She’s very good with the tree in that she doesn’t climb it like some other crazy cats I’ve seen. She does like to bat the ornaments off occasionally, but I can hardly blame her for that. I mean, I’ve essentially erected one giant tease of a cat toy in our living room and then am expecting her to not touch it for an entire month. RIDICULOUS.)

Anyway, I won’t get their tree until they visit us this Christmas, which obviously means it’s too late for this year. But next year! Woo!