The Itching!

So. About a month ago, I was chatting with my mom about the craziness that happens with hormone treatments. She’s had a hysterectomy (an emergency one) and, in the months that followed, had the distinct pleasure of having her hormones all jacked up (I believe that’s the medical term). Her doctors prescribed various medications, different types (patch or pill or shot) at different dosages in hopes of finding one that did not make her crazy but also did not make her skin peel off. Fun stuff like that. She told me about researching weird symptoms like forgetfulness and hot flashes and mood swings and itching.


Something clicked into place and I realized that I could pinpoint the strange itching that I’d been having occasionally (read, at the end of every round of hormones). The last day or so of my treatment, I get intensely and randomly itchy – usually in places that are sensitive but also brush against things. Like my scalp. And my nether regions, ahem. And the back of my leg where I leaned against that chair for two minutes.

It comes and goes. Like I said, it’s usually triggered by something rubbing against it (brushing my fingers through my hair or wearing a headband or going to the bathroom). It gets INSANELY itchy, but if I can bear it for three or four minutes, it goes away. Nothing too terrible, in a world of fear inducing side effects (“runny nose, nausea, dry mouth, constipation, hallucinations, increased gambling or other intense urges, coma, death, or trouble swallowing – seek immediate medical attention for effects lasting more than four hours”), but not particularly pleasant either.

Then yesterday, I decided to write up a little post (it’s about to get meta all up in here) concerning the itchy during a particularly ITCHY bout and came up short. You see, I did a bit of research on the side effects of my prescribed pill and, sure enough, itching was listed. However, much to my concern, it’s actually listed as a rare side effect. You know, one you should call your doctor about immediately.

So guess who called their GYN this morning??? Still waiting for him to get out of surgery so he can tell me if I’m dying or perhaps should just watch out for trouble swallowing.

ETA: Heard back from him! It’s all cool. Totes not dying from itchiness. Whew!