Worn Out

Have you ever had one of those weeks where there’s nothing that goes wrong exactly and you have no moments that you can pin blame on, but somehow the week just knocks you over? A week takes you down and leaves you exhausted, frazzled, and in dire need of a vacation?

I’m having one of those weeks.

It’s Thursday afternoon and I honestly feel like I’ve lived through four mini weeks already. I sent a follow up email this morning, referencing the original email as being “sent early last week” and was shocked to discover that I actually sent the original Monday afternoon. ….. Whoops. And also yikes! The days this week have been so bogged down in tasks and meetings and to-do’s that I’ve barely managed to catch my breath. I know it’s short today, but I have another trillion things to do this afternoon. Perhaps next week will be better? Or December? Possibly next year?? How’s 2022 look for you???

Le sigh. Thanksgiving can’t come soon enough.