Changing Topics

Whew – my ovaries have been front and center for the past …. scrolls back …. keeps scrolling …. keeps scrolling … well, several weeks. I think we’re in dire need of a topic change around here. So:


It’s just three weeks away people! Woot woot!

Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday. There are several things going for it (1) food, (2) lots of food, (3) a legitimate excuse to stuff your face with lots of food, (4) none of the present-buying pressure of Christmas (but all of the cookies), and (5) a legitimate excuse to open wine around noon (we have Thanksgiving lunch in my family). It’s the BEST, in my personal opinion.

Luffy and I head to my parents’ house, usually the day before Thanksgiving and then stay through the weekend. My mom and I bake up a storm the entire time and we both help make Thanksgiving lunch happen (so that one of us isn’t chained to the kitchen the entire morning). We always have fun planning our menu and finding new dishes to try (the only “traditional” thing we serve is a turkey). Last year, I introduced my family to my amazing cauliflower mash. It could pass for mashed potatoes and indeed it DID pass for mashed potatoes until my brother’s girlfriend spilled the beans. My dad was affronted that I had managed to sneak vegetables to stealthily past his radar! Good times.

Along with all this fantastic eating is the general laziness that comes whenever you visit your childhood home. Does this happen to any of you?? I’m a perfectly capable adult and yet when I go home I revert back to this teenage self. I don’t want to make breakfast for myself and I’m just fine with letting my poor, overworked mother clean up after lunch. I’m happy to sit and watch TV all weekend and barely get out of my pajamas by noon most days. It’s glorious.

I’m counting down the days to turkey time.