Five Little Words

Shortly after I posted yesterday, my doctor called with the results from my blood tests. He said everything looked good and the tests didn’t indicate any problems. Which is good news! But also puts us back to a giant question mark re: my ovaries. He said that he’d push the results to the practice’s online patient portal for me to review and to, of course, let him know if I had any questions.

So I took a look at my labs online. They were within the specified ranges, although you can be sure that I’ll do more research about what those numbers actually mean in the coming days. As I poked around my own profile (checking on prescriptions and drug allergies), I clicked on a tab labeled Problems. As expected, my chronic bronchitis diagnosis, that I told them about when I joined the practice, was listed. However, just above that, a new issue had been added as of yesterday:

Female Infertility Associated with Anovulation

Its status was active.

There’s no denying it anymore. I’ve officially been labeled as Infertile by my GYN. This doesn’t change anything, obviously. It’s not like the label made things worse or my outlook any darker or less optimistic. But somehow, those five little words just make it so much more real. Infertile. Me. At 27. Trying very hard to do something that seems to happen so easily for thousands of others.