And how was your’s? Our’s was fantastic, thanks for asking. No, we didn’t dress up in an adorable, punny couple’s costume or visit a haunted house or anything like that. We stayed home. I watched a few 90’s rom-coms on Amazon Prime (they have When Harry Met Sally!!! I had been looking for that on Netflix forever) and then passed out about 150 pieces of candy (give or take a few that I ate along the way – those Kit-Kats called to me!). I enjoy passing out candy to all the neighborhood kids (my favorite this year was probably the little boy who was PSYCHED that I had candy corn. PUMPED. BEST. CANDY. EVER. in his humble opinion) and love to see all the costumes and parents out and about. I am not, however, a big Halloween fan. Everyone has their holidays – mine is definitely not Halloween.

When I was younger, trick-or-treating was not a thing for my family. Our neighborhood was populated mostly by aging residents, whose kids had moved on or out. We also lived on a fairly busy through street, meaning what few trick-or-treaters we did have did not stop by our house. Thus, my family didn’t trick-or-treat or pass out candy. When we were little, our parents dressed up my brother and me and we’d head to the local mall to trick-or-treat there (although that pretty quickly devolves into one long line as kids shuffle from store to store). Once we got to middle school though, that stopped. So I sort of blame the circumstances for my lack of enthusiasm on trick-or-treating and dressing up.

Halloween’s just not my thing. Now that we have a house, I look forward to it only so that I can pass out candy to adorable little kids (and some not-so-adorable middle schoolers just trolling for candy).  I enjoy watching for the trick-or-treaters and dropping candy into their buckets. I like watching the little ones zoom around and the older ones dutifully saying thank you each time. I like seeing the princesses and the super heroes and the I-have-no-idea-what-you-are’s (or that one poor pre-teen girl in heels who was probably so excited she got to wear heels as part of her costume and then secretly died in agony while traipsing through the neighborhood all evening).

We did see some great family costumes this year. Mom, Dad, and baby all dressed up in matching or coordinated costumes. I tried to picture Luffy and I dressed up to match a toddler and couldn’t see it happening (Luffy is even more apathetic towards the holiday than I am – he opted to play video games while I passed out candy).

Anyway – not really a point to this – other than to explain why there are no pics of me dressed up in my costume du jour. Or, costume du an might be more appropriate. I hope you had a fantastic Halloween and I also hope the scale at my doctor’s office has some sort of Halloween-candy-allowance adjustment tomorrow for my three-month follow up appointment.