Updates and random-pieces-of-information galore!!

So. Work. ‘Tis busy. Very busy. Capital B Busy. But! It’s been a while since I’ve updated and since I don’t have a topic in mind today, I present you a collection of slightly connected thoughts*.

*TBH, the only connection here is that they came from my brain…. so yeah.

Did you know that it is really challenging to find whole fat dairy in the grocery store? Particularly if you are hoping to find whole fat yogurt; it’s nearly impossible. Even yogurts that aren’t marketed as “low fat” or “no fat” are made with skim milk.

I read through the Mayo Clinic’s guide to fertility last week. They recommended adding whole fat dairy to my diet to improve the odds of successful ovulation (it was their only diet recommendation that was made based on a study, as opposed to “in general this is healthy”, so I feel like it’s a pretty legit recommendation). So I went out looking for whole fat yogurt to replace my lunchtime Greek yogurt. I got really lucky because my preferred brand of Greek yogurt actually sells a whole fat version in a large tub. It literally was my only option in the entire store. I picked up a tub and some individual plastic containers and thanked my lucky stars that I found it.

After two years of procrastinating, Luffy and I are finally going to fix an issue we have with a window in our living room. This particular window faces south. It has blinds, but it also has one of those half arch things over the top that is uncovered. During the winter months, the sun is positioned just right so that it shines down onto our TV in the morning and then shines directly on our couch (making that spot roughly 1,000 degrees) in the afternoon.

Since it really only affects the daytime, we first discovered this over Christmas break the first year we moved in. Our solution? Taping wrapping paper up there. We promptly took it down after our company left and I had grand plans of putting up curtains.

By last Christmas, had we put up curtains yet? (SPOILER ALERT!!!) No, we had not. Our solution? Taping wrapping paper up there. This time, we left the wrapping paper up for a couple of months (seriously, I’m 99% sure it was still up there in March). I still had grand plans for curtains, but kind of forgot about it when summer came and it was no longer an issue.

Two weeks ago, Luffy and I were getting ready to watch some football late Sunday and realized that the sunbeam was back. You’d think we’d learn our lesson as we acted all surprised like – what?! it’s back?! I thought we had a stern discussion with you last year!! (shakes fist at sun)

So I got serious about the curtain rod and looked up options and styles and whatnot. Then I realized that we might have a problem. You see, right above the arch of that window, our wall angles sharply up/in towards the ceiling (I’m not really sure what the purpose is either, but what are you gonna do??). There’s barely an inch of wall space above the window which means that it’s highly unlikely we’ll ever find a curtain rod that (a) fits, (b) looks halfway decent, and (c) is strong enough to support the curtains without a center bracket.

I’m a little bummed about it, to be honest. I really wanted curtains because I also wanted to get rid of the blinds. Little Jas would be able to get on the ledge in peace (right now, she just shoves the blinds out of her way, with as much grace as rhino walking through daisies). Plus, with our new wood floors, curtains just seemed so elegant and fancy.

Alas and alack. We’re going with one of those fixed blind fan things. We’re gonna pick it out this weekend and hopefully also install it. But, you know, the trip to the store alone might be all we have in us until next year. PROGRESS!

Whew – that was quite a long update for a “random” piece of information. Moving along!

I got THE cutest skirt at Banana Republic yesterday. THE CUTEST. Which makes me feel better when I also remember that I tried on approximately 25 pieces (they were having a 40%-50% off sale!!) and that skirt was the ONLY DAMN THING THAT FIT/FLATTERED.

Jas has taken up an adorable new habit in the evenings. Whenever I settle down on the couch to read or watch TV, she’ll hop up onto the back of the couch and get right behind me. Then she head butts me with her little head. If that doesn’t get my attention, she’ll pull my hair just a bit in hopes that I’ll reach up and pet her. Once I do, she’ll swish her tail across my shoulder a few times and pat my head with her paw, before settling down.

I have no idea why she’s suddenly decided that it’s a great method of getting my attention, but it is downright adorable and I hope she doesn’t stop.

SPEAKING OF TV… Luffy and I just finished marathoning HIMYM (it was my first time to see the series). I know, I know. I’m late to the party. But this means my only acceptable outlet is here….

WTF is up with that ending? Seriously?!?! Outrage! SMASH!! GRAWR!! 

The last season was so good (I felt that they had been kind of falling off their game in seasons 7 and 8, but recovered their rhythm in 9), and then they RUINED it in the last episode. Seriously. RU. INED. We finished it on Sunday and I’m still all worked up about it.

(But then we watched a youtube parody with Hitler ranting about the ending and it was hilarious and made me not as grawr-y)

All right, that’s all the updates I have time for today. Back to the trenches of work.