Can we talk about makeup??

So I have never been a girly-girl when it comes to hair and makeup. Shoes? Check, yes, many, many shoes in ridiculous, non-sensible fashions. Dresses? Check. Shiny things? Duh, of course, check. But hair and makeup? Not at all. I’m really not sure what happened along the line that got me here. I don’t have thick, long, “play-able” hair so I’m sure that has something to do with it. My hair is baby fine and thin, and has never done well at long lengths so has remained fairly short my entire life. I’m generally ok with this and get by on the same style pretty much every day (with my short bob this means blow dry and straightener – except when it was a little bit longer, in which case I did absolutely nothing and let it air dry and OMG I am so lazy).

Makeup though, I just don’t get. I danced throughout grade school and college, so I can do stage makeup, but every day makeup? Nope. I have two different eye shadow pallets, one magenta and one neutral. I have mascara. I have a tinted moisturizer. Oh, and I have a blush…… and that’s it. I don’t have foundation or veils or concealers or brow gels or blenders or angled brushes. I don’t contour or mask in any way. Now, I know this sounds kind of braggy, like, “oh I don’t do that, but clearly I’m not pelted with stones to excuse my heathen self from the room so I must be just fine without it!!” but hear me out.

One of my Facebook friends sells makeup and her feed’s pretty much been reduced to advertisements and how-to videos. I just watched one where she started with a clean face and applied a lot of different products (the video was over four minutes, even at a time-lapse) and ended with her “every day” face. My first reaction was a bit of repulsion because, seriously, I don’t even spend that long applying my own makeup, at a full speed version. But then, I thought to myself, she does look pretty good now. Some red splotches on her cheeks had been covered and she had concealed bags under her eye. Some contouring tricks had smoothed out her face and her lipstick looked amazing. Would I look better like that?

I always wonder, how little effort is too little effort? I’m still young, turning 28 in a few weeks, but at what point do my previous half-assed attempts not cover it anymore? At what point am I going to legitimately need more makeup? And will I recognize it? Or will I wander around at 30 or 40 or 50 with a mostly bare face and an extremely inflated opinion of said face?

Luffy’s no help because he is wonderfully and woefully unconcerned with physical appearance and what other people think. Which is great when I look like crap and he still thinks I look beautiful, but not so great when he suggests that a fancy restaurant will surely be ok with athletic shoes and a pony tail. Or when he opts for a nap in lieu of getting his hair cut before our wedding, true story.

For the past nine years, I had been comforted with the thought that I lucked into pretty great skin. I never had breakouts or even acne really, only an occasional small blemish that went away quickly. When I went off birth control last year, I found that the pill was helping my skin along more than I realized. It’s still nothing terrible, but, as I sit here today, I have four or five active blemishes and numerous marks from old ones that are still clearing up. So… is that a sign? An answer to one of my questions above? Have I passed that point? I hardly notice them, but do other people? And does that even bother me to begin with?

Honestly, it really doesn’t. I suppose the moral of this story is that I probably won’t change – even at 30 or 40 or 50. I’ll probably always be that woman who thinks a dash of mascara is getting myself all fancified. And even if that means I won’t be the loveliest 64-year-old in the room, I think I’m ok with that. Hey, at least I get to save those extra 30 minutes every morning, so I suppose there’s an upside.