Fair Food

So, remember a few months ago when I mentioned that my brother moved to the DFW area? I love having a family member so close now, but I also sort of forget he lives nearby. He, and his girlfriend, usually join us for Sunday lunches at Luffy’s parents’ house every two weeks, which is fun, but I forget that we can do other stuff together. So it was actually Luffy that suggested the four of us go to the State Fair together. Way to go, Belle at remembering that you have a little brother!

We decided upon this past Sunday. It was a beautiful day and the temperatures here in Dallas were down around 80, which is a miracle considering August and most of September was approximately 5,000 degrees (if I remember correctly, you know). I drove us all down and congratulated myself on avoiding traffic and then broke down because I had to park. I chose a paved lot (the guy waving the flag was very insistent that THIS was the lot we were looking for), paid my 20 bucks, and was then led off of the very nice paved lot, down an alleyway, to the back of a building, and a dirt lot. Boo. Plus, as we got there about an hour after the fair opened for the day, the lot wasn’t full and they were still creating rows and I was the lucky driver who got to create the next row and I spent damn near 5 minutes trying to figure out what I was supposed to do. (For the record, the guy wanted me to turn the car around and reverse into the spot so that I was back-bumper-to-back-bumper with the row behind me.) Anyway! It was fun. And also kind of shady. But that’s the all part of the State Fair experience!!

Now I don’t know about you guys, but once I outgrew the ride-riding phase of fair wonderment, I moved on to food. Going to the fair is all about the food now. Luffy and I scope out the best foods before we go and plan out which ones we want to try. This year, we were all about something called Cowboy Corn Crunch, which is what we sought out immediately upon arrival. It was delicious – little fried balls of cheese and corn and bacon and peppers. NOM. We also shared a turkey leg with my brother, downed fried queso balls before we even got away from the counter, and Luffy had to have a corn dog. My favorite dish, however, was the funnel cake fries. Yes! Funnel cake, in fry form. The vendor we got it from had the best batter too, with a bit of cinnamon, I think. Oh, it was so delicious.

Beyond the food, we walked the entire fair grounds. Saw lots of cars (the Texas State Fair is essentially one big car show) and enjoyed the antics of the game hawkers. We walked through the butterfly house and saw some snakes. Then we blew the last of our coupons on cotton candy (Luffy and I came away with two bags between us, my brother left with six!).

We left weary and on a slight sugar crash, but we had a lot of fun.

It’s only the second time I’ve been to the State Fair. To be honest, I really don’t enjoy going all that much. I mean, it’s fun. I like eating the food and walking around, but it can be such a beating getting down there. Traffic is always horrible, parking is dicey, and admission prices are steep. I guess I’m sort of lazy about experiences like that – I’d rather stay home and not deal with it all rather than go. Which is why I’m excited that my brother is here because he is not like me in that regard. I am positive we stayed much longer, and covered much more ground, because he was there (as opposed to just Luffy and me who probably would have eaten our way through the fair in two hours tops and then hightailed it out of there — assuming we even went in the first place). So thanks, little brother, for forcing me out of the house to create some precious memories. Next time, maybe I could just fry up some cheese in my kitchen though?? Thoughts?? I could even charge you for parking if that helps make it more realistic…