It’s Fall!

How is it October 1st? Seriously, where did the past nine months go? I remember New Year’s day like it was yesterday. Literally yesterday. (Luffy and I spent a glorious day camped out on the couch. He played a newly acquired Zelda game while I sipped champagne and read. We ate lunch at a pho place near our house that we had just discovered. Excellent day, by all slacker standards.) And now the calendar tells me that it’s October already!?

I feel like with each year that passes time seems to speed up a bit more – each year passes by quicker than the last. I think part of this has to do with working. When you’re in school, the year is broken up into separate time frames, each with its own activity. So you can recall going to certain classes in the Spring, and then lounging by the pool or working a part time job during summer, and then going to different classes in the Fall. This helps break up the year into distinct times. But once you start working, the weeks and months start to meld together. There are no distinct time frames anymore because it’s just work.

Another contributing factor, I suppose, would be perspective. As we grow older, we realize how fleeting time is. When you were five years old, a day seemed like forever and a year seemed interminable because time truly seemed endless. It stretched before you into a far distant and hazy “future” that you couldn’t picture because you didn’t have the cognitive power to do so. Even as a teenager, while not endless, time still seems to be near infinite through the lens of invincibility and all-knowing (I know I’m not the only 18 year old who smugly congratulated myself on being an actual adult upon graduation who totally knew everything). Then sometime in your mid 20’s, maturity sets in and you suddenly realize that time isn’t so endless. (Personally, I hit this right around 2012. That old song I’m Awesome by Spose has this line about “a quarter of my life gone by” and for some reason that just really stuck with me. Which is kind of hilarious because the song is supposed to be funny and stupid and I’m over here having a mid-life quarter-life crisis because of it.)

So time speeds up. It’s already Fall, time for pumpkin decorations and falling leaves and colder temperatures. I’ll blink and we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday, btw) and then Christmas. (Come to think of it, I’m actually kind of surprised I haven’t already seen Christmas decorations in the stores by now. I’m secretly waiting for the day when they start pushing miniature Santas and Christmas trees on you right after school starts.)  And then it will be a new year and we’ll start all over again!