I believe I’ve mentioned my love of a good plan before (possibly here, here, and here too). Well I have a new plan for this cycle. And I am telling the internet because COMMITMENT. I am going to be super-annoyingly-healthy-pre-conception-lady. No one likes her. But I’m gonna be her.

When you dive into the world of trying to conceive, there’s a lot of conflicting advice, especially regarding nutrition. Part of it is, we just don’t know. Much like we don’t know exactly what our own bodies need (ex: the ever changing nutritional guidelines and yes-fats/no-fats/yes-fats trends), we don’t really know what the ideal pre-pregnancy (or even pregnancy) diet is. There are some obvious ones (you should probably not consume four tubs of frosting on a daily basis or go on an all-red-meat diet), but there are numerous gray areas on what and how much. Caffeine and alcohol are perfect examples and are two items in the “reduce” category. As in, you should try to reduce your caffeine intake while trying to conceive; the lower the consumption, the better. But reduce from what? If I’m only taking in 50 mg of caffeine a day, far less than a cup of coffee, does it really do me any good to further reduce my caffeine intake? Or, in general, researchers don’t think that moderate amounts of alcohol consumption while TTC has any effect on conception or fertility, but for every researcher saying it’s ok, you’ll find five armchair experts reminding you that “no consumption” is the safest bet.

Anyway, it’s one of my chief complaints (someone’s writing this down yes? I believe management should get a copy) about the whole trying-to-conceive/pregnancy business. Conflicting advice. Lofty goals for the ideal standards. I usually try to take it all with a grain of salt and weigh my mental health above some of their suggestions.

But not this cycle.

I realized that I technically only have two more tries to get it right, so to speak, before I’m put on ovulation meds. And I really don’t want to have to go on those. I want to ovulate myself. Like I’m supposed to. Med-free. (Also for the cost. Another complaint for management: paying for all of this fertility stuff when my body should be doing this FOR FREE. Get your shit together ovaries and stop freeloading!) So, two more tries and since that’s not a lot to go on (especially since I haven’t successfully ovulated myself since March), I’m gonna go full on super-annoyingly-healthy-pre-conception-lady.

I eat well as it is (my love for broccoli really comes through for me right about now) but I’m gonna go a step further for SAHPCL. Few sweets. No processed foods for SAHPCL. An extra helping of veggies every night. No alcohol. SAHPCL doesn’t need caffeine; caffeine is for the weak. Never miss a workout. MOAR WATER! Lofty goals, to be sure, but there they are – all spelled out on the internet so I can’t ignore them. I want to be the pillar of pre-conception health.

Now I know, I know. SAHPCL is really annoying and nobody likes her. I don’t like her either. But I’ve got to try. I just don’t want any nagging doubts that there was more I could have done. You know?