Can we talk about bras??

So hey – can we talk about bras? More specifically, how challenging and frustrating bra shopping is? Can we chat about that? Oh that’s right, you can’t tell me no so that’s what we’re gonna chat about today. Yay!

So I’m sure you’ve heard the ridiculous statistic that something like 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. And at first, that seems astounding – you picture a whole bunch of women with their boobs squished and pinched into bras that are three sizes too small. But here’s the thing, I bet a lot of us are wearing the wrong size, not because we’re clueless about what size we actually are, but because we fit well-enough into a conventional size and just leave it at that.

Take me, for example, my band size measures between a 28 and 30. Regardless of cup size, this automatically forces me to shop through online-only retailers and usually means the odds of me finding a cute bra, for a reasonable price, are very slim. So what do I do? I usually just by a 32. Because it’s cheaper, easier to find, and better stocked. As I am writing this right now, I’m sitting here in a size 32 bra. And yeah, it’s sort of riding up in the back, but oh well. It was far cheaper than a 28 and I got it in purple.

And that’s just band size. What about cup size? Cup capacity varies so much by brand, type, and even material, it’s just ridiculous. Even the shape of your breast can mean you fit into a specific shape of cup, but not others. Purchasing a new bra should be done in a physical store so that you can try each one on. So that you can go up or down a cup or band size as needed, just by grabbing the next size. Unfortunately, many of us can’t because most stores don’t carry enough sizes. Seriously, I would honestly rather have a narrow selection and wide range of sizes offered, than the other way around. I don’t need 14 options for a push-up bra, I need 14 different size options for a basic t-shirt bra.

So, you can probably tell what I’ve been trying to do for the past couple of weeks. It’s time to get a couple of new bras into my rotation and I’ve had a hell of a time finding ones that fit. I tried a few 32’s at True & Co – waited a week for them to arrive only to find all of them laughably large through the band. Tried to exchange them for 30’s, only to realize that they don’t offer that size. Returned every single one. Broke down and bought a few 32’s from VS. Waiting on those. Searched high and low and finally found a 30 on sale from a company I’ve never tried before! Woo hoo!

Anyway, just had to get that off my chest.


Teehee – see what I did there?