Oh man you guys, this week has been crazy. Ridiculously crazy. CRAZY crazy. And unfortunately, all of the craziness was work related, so no exciting stories to tell. Although, now that I think about it, it’s not like you guys can fact check my stories. Next time I spend the week chained to my desk, I should tell y’all I joined the circus for a week. Or drove cross country. Or visited China. You know, something fun like that.

Alas! I am boring. The highlight of my week was a card game that Luffy and I got. We spent a slightly ridiculous amount of money to get Exploding Kittens off of Ebay. It was all worth it though because the game is HILARIOUS. We got the NSFW deck (obviously, because how else could you enjoy the true genius that is The Oatmeal???) on Wednesday and I am still giggling over the captions and comics. Cracks self up again… pauses to regain composure… wipes tear from corner of eye… oh seriously guys, if you have a chance, play this game. I’m inviting my brother over this weekend for the express purpose of introducing someone to this awesome game.

Other than my big plans to play some Exploding Kittens, my weekend looks a bit tedious. There comes a time when you’ve done all the procrastinating you can do and you just have to knock out some chores. This is that time. Lawn work. House work. Working out. Getting shit done. But it’s all good. I’m one of those weird people who finds it oddly satisfying to complete household tasks.

Speaking of tasks, I’ve got a few more to check off my list here at work before my weekend can officially begin. Catch y’all later!