Taking a break



Is busy. So busy. But!

I carved out a few hours this week to read Wait But Why‘s much anticipated post on SpaceX (Elon Musk’s space travel company) and now I’m inordinately excited by it. It’s thrilling to think that we could be alive when humans take their first step towards being a multi-planet species. And that made me start thinking about what I would do, if I were ever given the opportunity to help start a civilization on Mars.

First off, as an accountant, I doubt my skillz would be highly sought after in the quest to create a civilization from scratch. Anyone need help keeping track of your livestock or plants? I’m your girl. Otherwise I suppose I could take up knitting, that’s useful right? So let’s assume I do have some sort of necessary skill set. Let’s say I’m a world class botanist capable of making Mars hospitable – would I go?

The dull answer is no, I wouldn’t. I don’t have that adventurer’s spirit to head off into the unknown and the dangerous. Especially while space travel is so new and relatively untested. Right now, it seems silly to think about space travel, much in the same way I’m sure airplanes seemed needlessly risky when they first came about. Won’t it be incredible when we become as blase to space travel as we are to air travel? And this could start to happen in my lifetime! So crazy!

Anyway, if you have several hours to kill or want to thumb through the article, I highly recommend it.

Although, confession time, after I was done reading Tim’s fantastic article, all I could think about was Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century and that kind of made me laugh.