When you can only focus on one thing…

It’s hard to write when I can only seem to talk about one thing.

Work was ridiculously busy last week. Summer is supposed to be our slow time. Last year, I had ample time to complete my work. To the point where some days I had multiple hours of free time. This year – not so much. I barely finish one project before another one gets added to my list and then my normal work items pop up and oh yeah here’s a couple office-wide meetings and events to attend and, wait a minute, what happened to my slow season?! My current to-do list spans multiple writing-tablet-sized post-its and keeps expanding every day.

A couple of weekends ago, Luffy and I got to go to Frank again. It was our fourth time to experience the unique “underground” restaurant that Ben Starr and Jennie Kelley created after their stint on Master Chef. Since it’s an underground restaurant, they hold dinners about once every 6-8 weeks, usually eight to twelve seatings a session. You enter into a lottery to win spots at their intimate (20 person) dinner table for the evening. This dinner was fantastic, as usual. The theme was Brunch After Dark and that’s honestly the whole reason we signed up again. We’d been lucky enough to catch their Brunch After Dark dinner last year and it was remarkable.

I could bore you with details about each course, but I won’t. Suffice to say everything was delicious and there was plenty of champagne and mimosas (it was brunch after all!). My favorite course was probably the first course – a black bean puree with chorizo, a 63.5 degree egg, and homemade pickled veggies. So good. So so so so so so SO good. I wish I had been able to convince Ben and Jennie to give me the leftovers. Alack and alas.

The wonderful thing about these dinners is that they are never the same. Even if it’s the same theme, the menus are different. Ben and Jennie get to flex their culinary creative muscle and we get to devour unique creations every time we go. It’s an incredible experience and I highly recommend it.

Well folks, that’s all for now. Tomorrow is the day so I’m sure I’ll stop by later this week to rejoice or vent or something in between.