Family News

My brother moved to the DFW area this past weekend. He and his girlfriend packed up their three cats and most of their belongings and drove here Saturday. Luffy and I helped them unpack, which meant numerous trips up and down three flights of stairs in the blistering Texas heat. It was fun.

They have a nice place, albeit a tad shady. I witnessed one drug deal while unloading the U-Haul (oh no! getting into a car that just pulled up and getting out 30 seconds later is so sneaky! I have no idea what’s going on, especially since you just reek of a certain medicinal herb.) So shady that they opted to park the (now empty) U-Haul at our house overnight just to thwart any shenanigans.

Don’t tell our mother that though! It will only worry her. You’d think my brother was a kid or something, instead of a 25-year-old, dare I say it, man. I happened to call her right after they left (if you can’t tell, my brother used to live in our hometown, only a few minutes away from our parents). She was hysterical and I felt so terrible for her. She was worried about him and hoping that everything would work out for him and his girlfriend. I promised to not let anything happen to  him, so she’ll never forgive me if she finds out his new home is a tad unscrupulous.

I’m really happy to finally have some family nearby. I’ve lived far away from family for almost four years. Luffy’s parents live in the area and we eat lunch with them every other weekend. I’ve always envied the proximity and I miss my family, so I’m very excited to be able to see my brother on a regular basis. And his cats, cause they’re adorable. We’ll be planning kitty play dates in no time!