The Floors!! (cont)

So you saw the news yesterday, right? The floors are beautiful and I love them.

It was a chaotic couple of days as we lived in the limbo of a major renovation, which oddly caught me by … surprise. I’m not sure how or why, but for some reason I did not connect the fact that replacing approximately 35% of our flooring would be a major project. I was woefully unprepared for the amount of noise and dust generated. Things like I wish I would have put away our bath towels or covered our wedding photos. Or, as mentioned a couple of days ago, I wish I had made arrangements for Jas – away from the noise.

Speaking of Jas, she gave Luffy and I a heart attack yesterday:

Wednesday was Luffy’s day to babysit the floor guys. They had made serious headway Tuesday and wrapped up work around noon on Wednesday. When they came to tell Luffy they were done, he noticed that the office door (where we had placed a sign that said “Caution – Cat Inside – Do Not Open”) was open. The front door was open as well. Luffy ushered the floor guys out, closed the front door, and began a thorough yet swift search for Jasmine. He checked all of her usual hiding spots but couldn’t locate her. So he went outside to look there. The floor guys were still out front and told him that she hadn’t come outside – they’d been watching.

So he headed back inside for an even more thorough check. Any place she had ever hidden in her entire life at that house – Luffy checked. He tried to coax her out with treats. He shook her favorite toys. He scoured our house, looking for her. I can only imagine the feeling he must have had, at this point, when he still couldn’t find her.

I adopted Jasmine before I left home. She was ten weeks old; she and her brother had been abandoned. I already knew I wanted to adopt a cat when I moved to Dallas, and I had a Siamese in mind, so when I saw her on that afternoon in June, I couldn’t say no. I fell in love instantly. She was my first true pet (as opposed to a family pet) and I would have moved Heaven and Earth for her. She was so tiny and full of energy. At ten weeks old, she was a shockingly bright white (I like to describe it as neon white) and only the tips of her ears, nose, and toes were marked. She quickly gained enough weight to put on an adorable baby belly and liked to chase my parents’ cat’s tail around the house, much to his displeasure.

I got engaged the week after I adopted her. It was a toxic relationship, as I’ve discussed, and it came apart fairly quickly after that. I honestly feel like I owe a lot of that to Jas. She woke me up, in a way, and forced me to see how terribly I was being treated. Call it a cliche or whatever you want, but I realized that, even if it was just her and me, I would be and could be happy. Period. I didn’t need him. And if he could try to drive a wedge between Jas and I, what would he do to our kids? Enough of that.

So Jas and I moved to Dallas at the end of the summer. She and I made it on our own in the big city. She kept me company. She was, and still is, my baby. When Luffy and I began our relationship, he already knew how much she meant to me (we were co-workers before we started dating so we knew each other casually). He’s actually highly allergic to cats, but basically suffered through hell for a couple of weeks to “immunize” himself to her. Because he knew there was no way he could separate us, and he would never be so cruel to me as to force me to choose. I could no sooner have given up a flesh and blood child.

Now imagine you’re tasked with taking care of my darling girl, and she goes missing on your watch. That, my friends, is what Luffy was feeling. He IMed me first, to pull me out of the meeting, and I truly thought he was joking. As soon as I heard his voice though, I could hear the panic and the concern. He kept apologizing to me even though I assured him that it wasn’t his fault.

I abandoned the meeting and threw all of my stuff together to head home. Quick shout-out to the Waze app for saving me from no less than THREE speeding traps on the way home as I tried to make my 25-minute-with-no-traffic commute instantaneous. I was almost home though when I got another call from Luffy. He had just come back inside from another lap around the neighborhood and discovered her sitting daintily in the middle of the living room.

We still have no idea where she was hiding, but we’re very glad she stayed home.