A dispatch from home improvement central

What? What’s that?


Oh – whew – the power tool has been turned off. Make that power tools, plural. I’m working from home today while our floors are being installed. So on the one hand – yay!!! – new floors. On the other, I can barely hear the thoughts that are running through my own head. Who knew that installing floors was such a noisy event?

Even worse, I had the bright idea to close Jas in the office, with her tower and favorite window (plus her newly relocated litter box), and now I feel terrible about that decision. Our office is right off the living room and the entryway (read: the drilling) and I’m sure she’s in there having a heart attack and maybe also a panic attack. And I can’t go in there, because they’re working right there. Poor little girl.

That’s all for now – gotta go see if I can find some ear plugs.