The 4th!

So, everyone back to business as usual?? How was your holiday weekend? Mine was lovely, thanks for asking (not that you did, but I’ll pretend you did because that’s how polite conversation goes).

Luffy and I visited friends in Austin. We saw Jurassic World Friday. It was good, although intense. I felt like my poor heart had run a marathon by the end and it was only partly due to the movie itself. You see, our group went to an Alamo Drafthouse. If you’re not familiar with that theater, they serve alcohol (and food! but you know, also alcohol) and they run an announcement before each movie warning viewers to be quiet, letting everyone know they can officially complain about noisy movie-goers. You can and will be kicked out, in fact, if you are disruptive. About twenty minutes into the movie, I heard the random guy sitting next to me mutter a stream of invective about us noisy kids. I quickly shushed Luffy and then sat on pins and needles the rest of the movie, worried about being kicked out by some guy who thought that my sharp-inhale-omg-IT’S-BEHIND-YOU-GASP was too loud. Oh and the dinosaurs were terrifying too.

Saturday found us hanging pool side with some margaritas, burgers, and music. It was wonderful, especially considering it was (1) my first opportunity to work on my tan all summer (ha! that was a joke – am pasty white – like ghost) and (2) I was the last person standing. The rest of my group damn near passed out around 5:30-ish because margaritas and beer and holiday! I was rather proud of myself, having achieved the perfect balance of tipsy but still functional. I passed the time by cleaning up our cook out mess and mother-henning everyone. It was fantastic! Of course it came back to bite me later around midnight when everyone else, having had their midday nap, was ready to party and I was begging to go to bed. Luffy dropped me off at our borrowed apartment and headed back out because I am lame, but also very persistent when tired.

And then! We came home Sunday and ordered the new flooring. It should be ready for pick-up this Friday and hopefully installed next week. All in all, a very good weekend.