Updates Galore!

So it’s been a while since I posted. WordPress tells me 14 days, to be exact, but, in my defense, every post I’ve thought about has been a repeat:

Womb – still empty

Period – still missing

Ovulation – still missing

Flooring project – still TBD

So yeah. No posts. But now it’s been too long, and I must! Enough random things and/or small updates have occurred that I can string them together to create a full-length(ish) post!

Update 1 (re:womb/period/ovulation – let’s just knock out the whole bunch): Not good news on this front. It’s been 93 94 days since my last period. I am not pregnant. I haven’t even ovulated. My BBT remains constant and there is absolutely no sign of my next period. The thing about this is, to try to get pregnant, you actually have to be having periods. And I have not. So we have not even been able to try. And that kind of hurts a bit. Thanks good-for-nothing ovaries. I appreciate feeling like a sub-par female.

This past weekend I had an event thing. Back when I purchased the tickets (which would be last July), I thought I’d be pregnant by the time the event rolled around. Part of me thought I’d be hugely, ridiculously, nine-months pregnant which would be hilarious considering the thing centered around exercise. Then we ran into issues when I came off the pill (read: my period never showed up) and I realized there might be a bit more to getting pregnant than having a thoroughly well-laid out plan. After that, I thought I’d at least be pregnant at the thing. Like six months, maybe three? Eh, pregnant. Of course, I was not. I have already come to terms with it and was fine. However, there were several ladies who were very pregnant and my companions commented on them and how adorable they were and how they loved to see pregnant mommas at events like these. I enthusiastically agreed and nodded along as a little knife twisted in my heart, but I was mostly fine.

I’ve talked to my primary care doctor and she has assured me that I can see my gynecologist any time because yes, not having a period for three months actually is a legit problem. And a very kind midwife that I know sent me a lot of information on the next steps. Which was helpful, but also depressing because (SPOILER ALERT), none of it was very positive. There were terms like anovulation, and polycystic ovary syndrome, and premature ovarian failure. Lots of fun words.

I’ve decided to hold off on a visit to the GYN until September, which is when my yearly appointment is due. And also after Luffy and I get back from Cancun because priorities. I am also holding on to the naive hope that everything just magically comes together and starts working.

Update 2 (re: flooring): This has not been a fun project. Last we heard, I was very optimistic about two companies coming out to give me estimates. They came, they measured, they did not give me estimates. Boo.

You see, we already have some sort of wood-type product in our dining room. It’s lovely, but it’s also several years old which means that it’s had plenty of time to fade and show wear and become a unique color. And those two companies were HIGHLY concerned about matching it. They kept going on and on about how challenging it would be to match it and wouldn’t I prefer to just rip it all up! I kept telling them that I didn’t mind non-matching flooring and had accepted it and was fine with just coordinated. But no! Both companies left without giving me an estimate because they wanted me to go find my own materials first.

So fine. I did. But then I got sticker-shock at the prices and you want how much for some crappy laminate! Then I found a great little place that also came out to give me an actual, for real estimate. And then got more sticker-shock when they gave me a quote that was over double what Luffy and I originally thought this project would cost. Double!!

We finally got an estimate from a different company (yes the fourth company to come out and measure – always with the measuring), that is much more in our price range (although, also still higher than what we originally thought it would be). We will most likely go with them. However, my co-worker is also doing a flooring project and recommended his company and so now I’m thinking of getting yet another estimate so that I will have three real, actual estimates to compare. Anyway, we’ll probably have new floors by Christmas. Hopefully.

Update 3: Two words. Poison Ivy. In my backyard. I advise you to never underestimate the stupid little plant. I first noticed the bumps two Fridays ago. I had it mostly under control with OTC creams and ice. Then, I somehow re-exposed myself over the weekend (on my bedspread I think! Because I did not go back outside. No way.). Even worse, these new bumps are even larger and itchier than most of the original, which puts me back to square one on the whole recovery process. Did you know that it takes 2-3 weeks to get rid of the skin blisters and rashes? Did you know that the oil (that causes the reaction) can hang around on clothes and furniture and even pets?  Did you know that the poisonous ivy can indeed hang around in harmless ivy like grapevine? Do yourselves a favor and make sure you wash up after dealing with plants in general. Actually, scratch that, you should probably just go through one of those haz-mat decontamination washes every time you come indoors.

So you see – three things have happened in the past 14 days. No wonder I didn’t post. But now you’re all caught up, lucky you. Until next time!