Home Improvement Projects!

I don’t know about you, but I always find it daunting to start a home project – even a small one. I put it off for months and months until I somehow find the motivation to tackle it. Guys, today is that day. Er – actually, Monday was that day.

You see, last November, we had a pipe burst underneath the foundation. We noticed water in the living room around 9pm on a Saturday evening (why do these things never happen during business hours???). We handled it like seasoned pros though, shutting off the water main, pulling up the carpet ourselves and cutting out the (sopping) wet padding, renting blowers to dry everything out. No emergency flood  people needed – although I am so, so grateful we were home when it happened or it would have been a lot worse. And I am even more grateful that it happened when it did because we were going out of town on the following Tuesday to visit my parents for Thanksgiving (imagine coming home to multiple days worth of flooding!).

Anyway, turned out to be a leak underneath the living room floor (another blessing since the flooring there would already need to be replaced). Long story short, they jack-hammered through the foundation in our living room. We just pulled the carpet over to cover the foundation and told ourselves we’d look into putting down hard wood floors like we wanted to when we bought the house. And that was seven months ago. Props for procrastination!

This past Monday though, I finally got the motivation to start sifting through flooring companies and scheduled three consultations/estimates. Yay! Today I have two of the three consultations scheduled and I’m beginning to get more excited about this project. New floors! Woo!