Not to leave you hanging…

In case you were waiting on the edge of your seat regarding my adventures in veterinarian care, let me put you at ease: our trip to the vet was successful! Yay!!

Our little outing was blessed with yet another down pour right as we were pulling up to the vet (seriously – if y’all haven’t seen it in the news – Texas has gotten so much rain, it’s ridiculous). Jasmine was in her leash/harness (I don’t have a crate for her – I know, bad kitty-mommy), so I just shielded her from the rain as best I could. She was already displeased when we got into the office (re: the rain), but then, as I waited for the front desk people to sign me in, she spotted a large German Shepherd five feet away. And THEN a smaller dog came in, but he was coughing and that’s when Jasmine was like NOPE and tried to climb on top of my head.

But! Awesome new vet’s office to the rescue! They immediately ushered us back into an exam room to fill out my new patient forms and wait. Jasmine’s freak-out-ness dropped down to an 8 on a scale from 1 to 5. We went through the normal vet routine; she was weighed and her temperature was taken. And then we met the new vet – Dr Greg. And I loved him. Almost immediately. He thoroughly checked her out, complimented her on her fantastic teeth (when asked what I do, we joked about brushing their teeth, because seriously, can you imagine brushing a cat’s teeth!!), then spent almost 15 minutes with me discussing vaccine options. I truly appreciated all of his input.

[Side note – I found yet another reason to loathe the previous vet. Apparently, here in Texas, animals who are given two rabies vaccinations within 365 days may get a three year vaccination the next time. So, for instance, I adopted Jasmine in June 2011. She got a rabies vaccination shortly thereafter. She got another rabies vaccination in May 2012. Thus, in May 2013, she got the three year vaccine from a vet by our old apartment and should have been good through 2016. Everything should have progressed along just fine and dandy except that the vet from last year COMPLETELY ignored that (even though I brought in/showed them all of her old records) and gave her another one year vaccine. Which she did not need. Which hindered the effectiveness of her three-year vaccine. Which they charged me for, of course. GAH! Dr. Greg spotted the discrepancy and, though he had to give her yet another three year vaccine, said that she’s good through 2018 now.]

Anyway, I was very proud of my little Jasmine and I was exceedingly happy with the new vet. Plus, I got my annual hug!! (The vet’s office is literally the only time Jasmine ever hugs me and it is the most adorable thing ever. She puts her little paws around my neck and buries her head in my shoulder and clings to me and it very nearly kills me with heart-wrenching cuteness every year.) So yeah, Saturday was good.

The rest of the holiday weekend went by in a blur of adulting – cleaning bathrooms, changing out the fluorescent light bulbs in the kitchen, laundry, etc. We got all of our adult chores done (except the lawn work, see: flooding in Texas) and got to round out our holiday by watching Tomorrowland. It actually doesn’t have a very high rating, but I enjoyed it so, eh, fun times.