Holiday Weekend!!

Memorial Day weekend is upon us and this is the first Memorial Day that I’ve stayed in Dallas. Last year, we went to China (so patriotic!) and the two years before that I went home to help out with my former dance studio’s recital. But, alas, my former studio closed and we’re not travelling back to what my husband jokingly refers to as the Motherland this year, so we’re here!

Unfortunately (or fortunately, I suppose, depending on your viewpoint), we don’t have any holiday plans other than lunch with Luffy’s family. And housework. And a vet appointment.

Jasmine has her yearly examination/vaccination booster appointment this weekend. I’m looking forward to it because we’re trying out a new vet. You see, back in West Texas, my family went to the same vet for, honestly, 20 years. His name is Dr. Jay and he is fantastic. He sees all of our pets, helped us through cancer and the eventual putting-down of one of our schnauzers, and even delighted when our family cared for a litter of stray kittens. He saw Jasmine when she was a baby and I traveled all the way back home just so Dr. Jay could spay Jasmine (even though I had already moved to Dallas by the time she was old enough for the procedure).

Last year, I scoured online resources to find the best vet in our area (we had seen one the year before by our old apartment, but I wanted to find one close to our house). I found a practice on Yelp that was rated very highly (and by numerous people) and immediately made an appointment.

You guys – I have never had a worse vet appointment in my life! I arrived 15 minutes early for my 4:30 appointment, as I figured there would be new patient forms. I got all the forms completed before my appointment time and then I just sat and waited. FOR HALF AN HOUR. With an empty waiting room! Completely empty! The front desk staff were very friendly, mind you, but there was no explanation as to why I waited so long. I get that it’s a medical office and that there might be emergencies or something like that, but I could have at least been told that!

And then, once we finally made it back to an examination room, the vet proceeds to berate me over my kitty-parenting choices. He didn’t like that I fed her dry food, even though we take great care in what we feed Jasmine. He tried to pressure me into buying expensive flea/tick prevention even though (1) she’s an indoor cat, (2) we treat our house thoroughly for insects, and (3) we’ve had no issues in the past. To top it off, Jasmine’s entire examination lasted maybe 5 minutes. He didn’t even really talk to her, and I never trust a vet that doesn’t at least show some interest in his patients.

By the time we left the office, I was already doubtful that I’d ever come back. The final straw came this week, when I realized that the practice didn’t bother to send us a reminder that it was time for Jasmine’s boosters. Obviously I remember that her yearly is due in May, but not even bothering to reach out just annoys me further.

Long story short (oh wait, I’ve already told you the long version – whoops!), I found a new vet for her. Hopefully this appointment will go a lot better.