Random thoughts

Nothing profound here, but why do Mondays come so quickly? It feels like I was just experiencing the joy and freedom that a Friday evening brings and now it’s already Monday again! Ugh.

In other news, Luffy and I officially joined our local library last weekend. The first book I borrowed didn’t pique my interest, so I returned it and am now very excited about my two new books (The Collector and Immortal In Death, btw) (you can probably tell that I’m a big fan of Nora Roberts). We’re actually very lucky because our little suburb has an excellent library. Newly renovated, and located in the middle of a beautiful little park, it’s a short drive away from our home. Also, I had to laugh because we came away from our first trip to the library with very different books. We both selected non-fiction books. However, mine covered Jack the Ripper’s crimes and Luffy’s (two books) were on personal finance and Warren Buffet.

The weather is definitely turning towards spring here in the DFW area. My allergies nearly killed me last week and I spent the entire week doped up on decongestants. My allergy pill finally caught up with the pollen in the middle of the weekend and I am so very very grateful to be off of the decongestants.

The warming weather also means it’s time to get back to yard work – Luffy’s most hated household chore. He typically tackles the mowing, while I tackle the detail work and any decorative gardening I want to do. Easier said than done. Luffy despises mowing and it doesn’t help that our property has a steep decline towards the back corner of the lot, making the back yard a pain to mow. He’s somewhat lucky in that our grass grows at a slow enough rate that he can get away with mowing every other week, even during the peak season. He usually uses this advantage to mow half the lawn one week and the other half the next. Even so, mowing typically puts him in a foul mood. I’ve always offered to mow the lawn myself (since I’m the one that insists it being done on a regular basis), but he insists that I don’t need to. Lawn work isn’t something I enjoy either, but at least I am the weird sort of person who gets a mental high for tackling and completing house work. So we circle around each week cursing the warm weather and grass and bartering with each other, promising to do it next week.

Of course, I have grand plans for our lawn/garden. I’d like to plant some flowers this year (which I just might do this Friday!). And of course I’d like to get my little veggie pots going again this summer (my serranos and basil did great last year, but I only managed to get one – one – bell pepper the entire summer). I’d also like to rip out all of the grass (tbh, it’s mostly weeds) that grow on the slope in the back and put down some sort of ground cover. It’s hard to picture, but the back corner of our lot sharply drops off so that the ground is a good six feet beneath the level of the house. Not only does this make it challenging to mow, but the only plants that seem to grow there are the weeds. The former owners tried to put in some sort of sandbox thing, but that’s succumbing to the weeds as well. Removing the grass and laying down river rocks or something similar would be so much more helpful and probably better looking too. BUT. That also sounds like a huge undertaking. And I need to do more research to figure out what would (a) look the best, (b) be the easiest to maintain, and (c) be the most cost effective.

So yes, now that I’ve devoted several hundred words to lawn care, these are my thoughts for the day. Blooming flowers and weeds and books.