Our home

God that was a melodramatic update earlier, wasn’t it? While I am disappointed, I force myself to remember that we’ve only been off birth control for six months. Hardly any time at all, in the scheme of things. We’re young; we’re healthy. We just need time.

Moving on to other topics.

Luffy and I purchased our first home in September 2013. Remember that I told you we’re both planners, right? Well combine that planning with Luffy’s innate grasp on finances and you get us shopping for a home before we’re even married. Because interest rates and the right time to buy. To be fair, we got married two weeks later. (Please take a moment and think about that. Have some sympathy for me. We closed on a home and got married within a two week span of time.)

Luffy had in mind some areas of DFW he was interested in. I had one requirement. Ok, two requirements. The house needed to have an excellent kitchen – plenty of counter space, gas range, granite counters, etc. And second, I wanted it to be close to my exercise studio. My two passions represented – food and fitness.

We scoured the metroplex. It is incredible how many houses there are, yet how few actually meet certain requirements. For instance, even being for sale in the first place. The suburb we were particularly interested in was known for being challenging to get into. Excellent school districts and a central location made it viable in just about any home-buyer’s eyes. Homes listed for sale went quickly and often above the ask price.

We had a few laughable moments. In particular, I remember one house that the owner/seller had renovated himself. Shudder. The walls didn’t line up correctly. There was carpet up the half wall of a bar section. Dark brown carpet straight from the 70’s. I seriously doubted the structural integrity of the added second level. All this, and the seller wanted an exorbitant amount of money. There was another house that looked promising until the owner moved out and we toured again without the furniture. And realized that the windows were all well above my head (the house was built in the 60’s and I am short).

Then. We found it. In the right area – the right price – the right size – and most importantly, the right kitchen. Perfection. And then we lost it. Remember how I said the suburb was challenging to get into? There were numerous bidders on the home. We bid well over the asking price and still lost. Woe.

But then, a new listing popped up. Or rather, an old listing reappeared. Apparently, the home had fallen out of contract and was back on the market, it’s owners desperate to sell. We toured the home and loved it. I could see us living there. The home had lots of windows, high ceilings, a large kitchen, an open floor plan. It was beautiful. We made an offer and never looked back.

All of this back story to tell you – guys – I love our home. This home that Luffy and I bought, that we work hard to maintain, I love it. Sometimes, like today, I look around our home and I’m overwhelmed with pride and love and joy. This is the largest purchase that we’ve made, but to look around and know that we provided for all this – it’s incredible.

I love working in the kitchen or tending to the planters. I especially love being able to invite friends to come over – have dinner, stay the night. Our precious little Jasmine positively loves our home (and it’s windows and many hidey-holes). I love our community, the parks and the neighbors who introduce themselves. But above all that, I’m proud. So very proud of Luffy and myself.

Friends of ours are in the process of buying a house. They’ve asked our advice. They’ve asked our mutual friends for hashtags (gotta Instagram that). I caught myself feeling antagonistic towards them at first, when our friends responded with an abundance excitement and some awesome suggestions for hashtags (#ThatKitchenThough was my favorite, because seriously, that kitchen). And then I remembered, at the prodding of my darling husband, that buying a home is a momentous occasion. One that should be celebrated for the incredible achievement that it is. Kudos to our friends and their incredible purchase.