Small Moments

One of my absolute favorite trance groups likes to say that life is made of small moments. Luffy and I went down to Austin this past weekend to see them and came away with a few such moments.

Above & Beyond played in Dallas the night before they played in Austin, but Luffy and I managed to convince our friends that they needed to experience this particular concert with us. We drove down Friday morning, dragging our cat along with us, excited about our weekend plans.

The concert itself was absolutely incredible. There is something so deeply moving about Above & Beyond’s music that it’s hard to capture in words. It makes you stare up at your significant other in awe and love, marveling at how life works to bring you together. It makes you reach out to your friends to touch and hold, secure in the knowledge that this is your chosen family. It makes you feel. In an age where the majority of song lyrics cover shallow topics like drinking and partying, A&B’s music is a welcome respite. We left the concert feeling vibrant and enamored.

Another item on the weekend’s agenda was a Family Dinner. Luffy had explained to me, back in the getting-to-know-you days of our relationship, that his group of friends in college had a standing weeknight dinner with each other. They took turns hosting and cooking, swapping stories from their week over board games or decompressing together with wine and movies. Not everyone always made it, but someone could always be counted on to eat Family Dinner with you. When Luffy told me about this, I was enchanted. I loved that his friends gathered round to share a meal. I loved the way they helped prepare the meal together. I was also a bit envious; I had certainly never had an experience like this or even a group of friends to do this with. So when one of our friends suggested we partake in Family Dinner on Saturday night, I was ecstatic.

Saturday we headed towards Rainey Street (a collection of houses converted into bars) and spent the afternoon talking and drinking, reminiscing and catching up. We then moved on to a friend’s home where we all helped in making dinner. Burgers and stuffed avocados were on the menu, as well as wine and bourbon and my caramel stuffed brownies. It was far from perfect; dinner finally came together at 10:30pm and we made do with sliced bread when we discovered no one had thought about hamburger buns. But it was all I had imagined and more. I am fantastically lucky to be embraced by such a wonderful group of friends.

When we drove back to Dallas Sunday morning, we were completely exhausted and yet utterly in love with our life and each other.

Life is made of small moments like these. Small, wonderful moments.